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carpet installationWhen you are sorting out your home, office, or other important spaces, floorings are one of the biggest investments you can make. Floorings can help improve a space’s appeal, especially if the flooring material you selected comes in various designs and colors. It also improves the way you move around the space as some come with noise-canceling properties.

Floorings can also last a lifetime, depending on the material you selected. Some do not even require a lot of maintenance when you get them installed in your chosen space.

Giant Carpet & Flooring, Inc knows how important floorings are and what clients need for their flooring needs. Thanks to our experience, we know everything there is to know about flooring and how we can help clients with their projects. No matter what space it is, we can handle everything for its flooring!

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Floor and Carpet Installation

When sorting out your space, you need to consider whether you will use flooring or carpet. Both options come with various types that fit certain areas and situations. When it comes to floorings, some of the types you can request are wood, vinyl, and laminate. Meanwhile, in carpets, you can go for polyester, Triexta, and nylon carpets.

Whichever option you select, our Plantation, FL team can explain their benefits and why you should pick it for your space. If you are on a budget, we can let you know which one is perfect and how it can be maintained. We will also reach out to our partners so you can get the best option available for a fraction of the cost. If you want to combine both floors and carpets for your space, we can also do the installation for you.

Floor Replacement

Attractive waterproof luxury vinyl flooringThrough time, floors will get worn out from the amount of use it is getting and other factors that can damage floorings like moisture, dirt, and heavy equipment. You may also wish to replace your floors if you will be using a specific space for a new purpose.

Our Plantation team can sit down with you to look at all the options you have when it comes to flooring. We will take into account the purpose of the space that will get the new flooring before we recommend the best flooring to replace the ones currently installed in the space. If you are on a budget, we will speak to our partners to find the cheapest floorings we can use but still have the best quality.

Carpet Repairs

If you are using carpets as flooring, there may be times when some parts would become uneven to step on, and some parts will be frayed from constant traffic.

Here at Giant Carpet & Flooring, Inc, we can help you replace these carpets or repair them if necessary. When we do install new carpets for your home or office, we will let you know how you can maintain them, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get them professionally cleaned.

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Plantation Flooring Services flooring logo 300x68When it comes to anything flooring, we at Giant Carpet & Flooring, Inc are the best in Plantation. When you contact our team, we will check what needs to be installed or replaced and recommend the best options for your budget and needs. We will do it fast and efficiently, regardless of the type of space you want us to work with.

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