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cleaning laminate floorWhen it comes to durable flooring for business establishments and offices, commercial laminates are often considered. Not only do these floorings mimic other floorings, but they also come with various forms of protection that make them durable enough to last for a long time with minimum effort.

However, not all business spaces may benefit from commercial laminate flooring if they are not installed correctly. If you want your commercial laminate flooring to help you improve the value of your business, you can ask our talented Plantation team here at Giant Carpet & Flooring, Inc.

Our team is trained to properly install any type of flooring and identify which ones work for any given space. We can provide answers to your questions or inquiries about these options and help you pick the right one for your business. Once you have selected the right flooring for your needs, we will install it on time and within your budget.

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Commercial Laminate Floor Options

When choosing a commercial laminate flooring, you have a lot of options to choose from. From laminate floors that look like natural materials to floors that have a lot of protection to keep it low maintenance, there will always be one that will fit your needs. There are also eco-friendly laminate floorings that will work as well as the traditional type of laminate floors currently used for residential and commercial spaces.

For commercial laminate floorings, you also have to consider the right grade to use. The grade indicates how much use they can handle for an extended period. Our team can help you understand these varieties and choose the right one for your spaces.

Laminate Flooring Maintenance

laminate flooring installationOnce you have commercial laminate flooring in your building, maintaining them is similar to maintaining residential laminate flooring. However, there are a few differences thanks to the level of protection found in commercial laminates. To clean basic spills and dirt, users simply have to wipe them with a mop, sweep, or vacuum the affected part.

If you wish to know when you need to replace the flooring, you should see a part of the decorative layer starting to come out under the various protective layers of the flooring. Some commercial laminate floorings do offer warranties depending on where you purchased them. You can read up on these warranties before you buy one for your property.

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When you call Giant Carpet & Flooring, Inc, our Plantation, FL team will guide you throughout the entire process of getting your chosen flooring installed in your business. Our trained staff will ask you about the type of floors you want, where it will be going, and what kind of budget you have. We will take your details into account as we plan the best way to install your flooring within your requirements and set a deadline even before we check your property.

Your choice will always be our focus, and when you ask for our services, you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees and charges. Our work is always flawless, and you won’t have to worry about maintaining it.

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Plantation Commercial Laminate Floor Contractor flooring logo 300x68When in Plantation, Giant Carpet & Flooring, Inc is the one you can trust for all things flooring. From carpets to commercial laminate floors, we can install them without any problems. We even do personalized flooring projects if clients call for it. We will sit down with you and show you the entire process, so you know exactly how our service works. No matter why you need the floorings we offer, we definitely can help you out.

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