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South FL Commercial Carpeting

carpet installationBusinesses and companies always have to look presentable to their visitors and clients. From the exterior of its premises to its interior, everything has to look perfect.

Flooring wise, having carpets are ideal because they are more practical to use than other types of flooring. You can also get these carpets in various styles to match your business’ theme, and they welcome your clients and visitors alike better than hardwood floors.

But, it is not very easy to get carpets installed in a business space, and even if you can buy all the materials you need for such a venture, installing them properly is another thing. If you do not want to worry about sorting out your carpets, installing them, and maintaining them, you should contact us here at Giant Carpet & Flooring, Inc.

As your trusted South Florida carpet company, we understand how important your flooring is to your business. We will help you with all your carpeting and flooring needs and keep things within your budget.

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Why Get Commercial Carpets

When selecting the carpet, you also have to consider other things aside from their style and the fiber they are made from. Commercial carpets, in particular, must perform flawlessly based on the room you will put them in and what purpose you want them to play.

Seamless. Unlike regular carpets, commercial carpets are seamless when you install them. This ensures that zippering does not happen and prevents the onset of uneven carpets in the long run.
Anti-static. For businesses that will work with a lot of electronic equipment, using commercial carpets is ideal because they have anti-static properties that will prevent accidental electrocution and machine damage.
Easy to Clean. All commercial carpets are equipped with anti-stain and soil protection that makes sure they are easy to clean, especially if they are located in high traffic areas.
Durable. Commercial carpets are very durable and made to meet heavy traffic or usage. Some carpets are made for heavy-duty activities, which is essential for several industries.
Noise reduction. Commercial carpets reduce the amount of noise made by traffic in the space, as well as the noise of machinery.

If you want to learn more about these commercial carpets, our South FL team at Giant Carpet & Flooring, Inc can help you understand the options you have. We will also ensure that you get the best rates and install them accordingly without causing worries to you and your clients for a long time.

Types of Commercial Carpets

custom commercial carpetingWhen you get commercial carpets, you have a lot of options to choose from based on their patterns, colors, and purpose. However, you must select the right type because they will affect the way they work for your establishment.

Here are the various types of commercial carpets you can try out:

Broadloom carpet. These are also known as wall-to-wall carpets and the most commonly used commercial carpets in the market.
Carpet tiles. These are easy to install and can be layered with other patterns to fit in various layouts. They are often used for high-traffic areas and areas with furniture pieces.
Entryway mats. These are often used for entryways or atriums and often come with weather-proof protection.
Dyed carpets. These carpets are ideal for areas that require a splash of color and touch.

Here at Giant Carpet & Flooring, Inc, we can help you select the right type of carpets for your establishments. We can assess the space and determine which carpet will respond to the usage of the space. We will also help you find the carpets that you can afford and install them on time.

Carpet Repair and Restretching Services

Having a brand new carpet in your facility gives it a fresh look, but not everyone can afford to get new carpets. If you have carpets already in your building, we do offer repair and restretching services if they are still in good condition.

By requesting our services, we can help you save a lot of money by restoring, restretching, and repairing your carpet as if they are brand new. We can even clean the stains from your carpet even if they have been there for a long time.

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South FL Commercial Carpeting flooring logo 300x68Giant Carpet & Flooring, Inc is a trusted South Florida carpet and flooring company that will make your carpets and flooring shine with our service. We can help you pick the best flooring for your needs and recommend one if you can’t make up your mind about your flooring. Whatever it is you need, contact us, and we can help.

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