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When you are building your first home or embarking on a home improvement project, the floor is one of the most critical parts of your home.

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The wide variety of choices — from vinyl to laminate flooring — can be confusing. If you are looking for comfort, design, and safety nothing can beat carpet to meet all of your needs.

Carpet has long been a home flooring standard. Its versatility and durability make it the first choice of many homeowners looking to upgrade their flooring. Moreover, the practicality of carpet makes it suitable for most types of homes—- whether you live independently or with your family, kids, and pets.

As your expert Lake Worth carpet company, we know that comfort, safety, and style are your top priority. We provide you with the best carpet and flooring services that will fulfill your wants and needs!

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Selecting the Perfect Carpet for You

There is a multitude of reasons why carpet is the best option for your home. Carpet brings the rooms together with a common style and flow at a reasonable price. Carpet installation and replacement is easier compared to other types of flooring as well. Choosing carpet as your flooring does not permanently alter the structure of your home which gives you the flexibility of updating your flooring in the future.

carpet installation on stairs

Consider the other benefits that carpet provides:

  • A wide selection of carpet styles and designs for home customization
  • Energy saving properties by retaining warmth
  • Increased safety by reducing slippage and hard floor impacts
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Noise reduction especially between rooms and floors

Choosing a quality carpet is not enough to ensure that you have the perfect flooring solution. You need to consider the best carpet for your bedroom, dining room, stairs, and even basement. Foot traffic and furniture in different areas of your home will also affect the type of carpet that you should consider. Moreover, having infants, kids, and pets are important factors as well.

With today’s technology, we can match the perfect carpet to your specific needs. The most common types of carpets are:

  • Nylon — durable and stain resistant carpet fiber; suitable for children and pets; perfect for areas in your home with heavy foot traffic like stairs and hallways
  • Polyester — luxurious with the most options for styles and colors
  • Olefin — stain and moisture resistant
  • Wool — natural with soil resistance qualities; durable especially with proper care

Are you still confused about what carpet to install in your home? Worry no more! We have experts that will evaluate your home and provide you with the perfect carpet. We at Giant Carpet & Flooring, Inc will ensure that you have the best Lake Worth carpet and flooring that your family will enjoy for years to come by only giving your our expert advice.

Lake Worth Commercial Carpet Company

custom commercial carpet installationBusinesses have a need for practical flooring solutions as well. We provide a variety of commercial carpeting options, including full carpet, carpet inserts, and carpet squares. Our commercial carpet products feature high-durability, are easy to clean, and are built to withstand the heavy foot traffic of a corporate environment.

Whether you manage a hotel, retail space, office environment, or have residential real estate requiring new flooring, we have the perfect, long-lasting solution for you. If you want to create an attractive lobby space, improve the comfort of your rented rooms, or simply have a durable alternative to hard flooring, commercial carpet may be the right choice for your business.

Carpet Repair and Restretching Services

New carpet sounds fantastic, but not everyone has the budget to rip out their existing carpet and install new flooring. Just like any home installation, your carpet will experience wear and tear.

The various activities in your home, especially when you have kids and pets, will take its toll on your carpet. Knowing the types of damages on your carpet will save you valuable dollars in the long run. Here are some common carpet problems you might encounter:

red wine spill on carpet

  • Wrinkles, ripples, and bubbles which present a significant hazard to safety
  • Pet damages including scratches and stains
  • Open and worn seams
  • Burn marks
  • Sad spots and brown spots caused by moisture and water
  • Bleach stains which significantly affect the color of your carpet
  • Water damage caused by spills and leaks

Any of the damages described above are often easily fixed which will save you hundreds of dollars. Restretching your carpet will save you from accidents at home. You don’t have to suffer from aesthetically damaged carpets either.

We at Giant Carpet & Flooring, Inc have years of experience in repairing and re-stretching which will save your existing carpet. No need to spend money that you don’t have when your current carpet is still perfectly fine. Our Lake Worth carpet installers are ready to assist with any carpet replacement or carpet repair needs.

Best Carpet and Flooring Services in Florida

Giant Carpet and Flooring Inc

Do not miss our five-star carpet and flooring services! Our experts have years of flooring experience, including evaluating homes to provide you with the right flooring solution each and every time. We also offer topnotch carpet repair and re-stretching services so you can still enjoy your current flooring for a long time. So, whether you are considering a fresh new carpet for your home or revamping your existing flooring, you know we are the company to trust!

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